“Break the glass” workshops

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Getting Every Girl's Back: Intersectionality and How We Can Use it to be Allies

Sarah Camacho

Everyone is an ally! This workshop will address the internationality of being a woman of color. The focus of our time will be highlighting the differences between us as women of color, and how we can use our positionally or personal power to lift up other women of color.

Reaching Careers in STEM: A Guide for WoC

Ariana Martinez

In this workshops we will be discussing the ways in which we, as women of color can reach careers in the STEM. We also will discuss the roadblocks we might face before entering the STEM field and we will end by providing resources that will help you get a head start.

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Social (Media) Activism

Maria Hernandez & Miya Matsuishi-Elhardt

What does activism mean in the age of social media? Where do we draw the line between 'raising awareness' and exploiting social issues for personal gain? In this workshop, we will explore ways social media can be used for social justice, effectively or not. We will analyze the work of major media activists, and craft posts of our own.

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Beauty Isn't Everything: What the Media Doesn't Show You

Fatima Burgos & Alyza Martinez

In this workshop we will take a closer look at the imposed beauty standards surrounding us and discuss how the media, white culture, and American ideals play a part in how beauty is defined today and the effects it has on women of color. Additionally, we will discuss how these standards play out in the independent high schools we attend.

You’re Just Overreacting: Surviving Thriving in a White Male Society

Alysha Sadarangani & Jessica Osorio

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to respond to a microaggression or just want to talk it out, come join our discussion about microaggressions and thriving in a white male society. We will begin with a quick refresher on how to recognize a microaggression when you see one, followed by an interactive discussion that will allow participants to get to know one another, share experiences, and find strength through solidarity with one another. Together, we’ll create useful strategies to respond to these upsetting comments that can often catch you off your guard. You’ll leave this workshop feeling empowered, safe, and heard.

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Voice Through Visual: Using Experience for Expression

Tomicia Blunt & Zoe Yzabella Taylor

We will devote time to discussing ways to use visual art as a means of communicating to a broad audience the experiences of women of color. There will be opportunity to create art in the form of collages during this session to express our identities. Feel free to bring in any new materials such as magazines or stickers to use for this activity! General materials will also be provided.